Judy Wolf

Judith G. Wolf, Ph.D. is an artist and a poet. For many years, she has combined her deep psychological insight, extensive art experience, and unique view of the world into compelling poems. Part of her considerable body of work is now being published for the first time in the fascinating collection Weeping Shadows.

Judy Wolf’s diverse education and professional background include a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, a Master’s degree in Elementary and Remedial Education, far-reaching experience in arts administration, and currently, service on several boards of directors including Arizona Opera, Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, Arizona and the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture.

A decade ago, Judy moved to Phoenix, Arizona with her husband. There, she co-founded a nonprofit art organization, Young Arts Arizona Ltd. that serves at-risk children by exhibiting their artwork. She has been running this program as the President and CEO with enormous success, serving thousands of children and making art widely accessible to the Metro Phoenix community.

Judy’s deep dedication to the arts, challenged children, and the community is rooted in her spirituality. Judy has achieved the level of Reiki master. She is a partner in the organization Vibrations, which offers healing arts. In addition, she is working on her Doctorate in Ministry at Universal Life Church. Of course, Judy continues to channel her multiple facets into winsome and intriguing poems.

Judith G Wolf
Judith G Wolf PhD
Young Arts Arizona Poerty
Weeping Shadows
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