Judith G. Wolf Ph.D., D.D.
Poet & Pandit

Judith G. Wolf Ph.D., D.D. is an artist, poet and more. Her diverse education and professional background include a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, a Master’s degree in Elementary and Remedial Education, a Doctorate in Ministry from Universal Life Church, post-doctoral work in grief counseling and far-reaching experience in arts administration. She currently serves on several boards of directors including Arizona Opera, and the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, Arizona.


Otherwise: Poems About Life

Once started, you will not want to put down this compelling, metaphorically arresting collection of life insights, presented in artistic snippets that hook your attention.

Tidbits: A Pleasing and Not So Pleasing Morsel of Life

Deep psychological insight and a unique view of the world combine in Tidbits short morsels filled with quips on life.

Weeping Shadows

Delving deep into the pain and sometimes joy of living, Judy Wolf takes us on a journey into ourselves.

Commissioned Music

Music using poems from Otherwise

Composer : Kenneth Fuchs

Music using poems from Otherwise, Tidbits and Weeping Shadows

Composer: Clint Borzoni

Music using poems from Weeping Shadows

Composer : Mason Bates Afterlife for Mezzo, Orchestra & Electronics

Young Arts Arizona

Young Arts Arizona Ltd. serves challenged children through the arts.


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